If you would like to be listed in the next edition of The African American Medical Doctors Directory  (National Edition),  please print this form fill it out and mail it to:

 Rho Dob Enterprises,     PO Box 91990         Washington DC, 20090

There is no charge to be listed in the directory Questions ?  301 467-2487. email rhodob@aol.com 

website www.aamdd.com If you would like to purchase a copy of the directory to help with the cost of

publication and printing please send a check or money order in the amount of $19.95 plus $ 5.05

Postaging and handling to the above address. Thank You.


         (first)                              ( MI)                                   (last)              (title )









state                                                        zip

Telephone Number____________/__________/__________

                                 (area code)                  (number)  


email __________________________________________________________



Website if you want it listed________________________________________

Gender (  )M (  )F  Private Practice (  )yes  (  ) no

(  ) not in full time private practice but can see some patients


* If you have more than 1 location please include them . Thanks