The African American Medical Doctors Directory (national Edition)

                                                                      RHO  DOB Enterprises
                                                                      PO box 91990
                                                                      Washington DC 20090
                                                                      (301) 467-2487
   We are still working on the national edition of The African American Medical Doctors Directory.
   If you have not returned your form to be listed in this edition there is still time to do so. Please download
   the directory listing form using the last button on the left under home page. Fill this form with your
    information and return it as soon as possible. We will begin distribution as soon as the directory is printed.
    If you know of other Physicians, Dentist , etc that would like to be listed please have them fill out a form as
    well. It is our goal to include everyone.We will not include anyone without their written permission If you
    have questions please call me at 301 467-2487 Or send me an email at Thank you again
    for all your support.
     Dr R W Rhodes
     RHO DOB Enterprises 
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